Welcome to the Kerger website and thank you for your interest!
We are marine electrical wholesalers with our head-office in the Netherlands for world-wide customers and our branch-office Kerger Marine Electric, Inc. in the USA for customers based in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Kerger stands for:

  • Quick world-wide supply of all electrical products for both the marine industry and offshore industries
  • Outdoor/indoor lighting, lamps, cables, switching gear, testing meters, navigation lanterns and many more well-known basic marine electrical products  -all from our own stock
  • Outsourcing and delivery of a large range of  specialized products at short notice
  • All brands,  original and replacements are clearly indicated
  • All voltages, world-wide electrically applied material
  • A customer-friendly attitude: we can provide you with anything you require
  • Quality, expertise and good service
  • Contact us   with any inquiries you may have, any type of documents and photos of electrical products
  • You will receive our quotation within 24 hours

Lamps fluorescent, gas-discharge & halogen

Fluorescent, mercury, halogene, sodium, metalhalide, xenon special lamps


Cables, cable glands and accessoiries

Cables: to transfer electricity from one place to another we have general selection from our own stock such as Instalation wire, PVC, Rubber and Neoprene. Control cable YY and armoured CY. Marine cable, also in the armoured version.Heat resistant silicon cable, Heating cable.
Depending upon your situation we can supply the suitable cable as well as cable glands, mounting and connecting materials, cable shoes and accessoiries and tools required for instalation. 


Relays, contactors, timers, transformers, fuses, limit switches

Electrical control and protection components in it's widest range, and all products needed for setting up and maintaining your electrical setting.