Welcome to the Kerger website and thank you for your interest!
We are marine electrical wholesalers with our head-office in the Netherlands for world-wide customers and our branch-office Kerger Marine Electric, Inc. in the USA for customers based in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Kerger stands for:

  • Quick world-wide supply of all electrical products for both the marine industry and offshore industries
  • Outdoor/indoor lighting, lamps, cables, switching gear, testing meters, navigation lanterns and many more well-known basic marine electrical products  -all from our own stock
  • Outsourcing and delivery of a large range of  specialized products at short notice
  • All brands,  original and replacements are clearly indicated
  • All voltages, world-wide electrically applied material
  • A customer-friendly attitude: we can provide you with anything you require
  • Quality, expertise and good service
  • Contact us   with any inquiries you may have, any type of documents and photos of electrical products
  • You will receive our quotation within 24 hours

Lamps general, led & energy lamps

Lamps in all it's diversity: general lamps, energysaving and led lamps,available in all possible voltages, wattages, shapes and dimensions; standard lamp, ball, candle, tubular, reflector, pygmee, indicationlamps, midgetflanged, midgetgrooved, wedgebased.


Measuring equipment, tools

Measuring equipment tools such as multimeters, clamp-meters, insulationmeters and voltagetesters. Also panel built-in hourmeters, ammeters, voltmeters and frequencymeters in all variations. The essentials in electricians tools, cleaning products and insulation materials.


Explosionproof products

Explosion proof material with certificate, available from Zone O,1 and 2, in a variety of Temperature Class