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Below follows a cross-selection of our product groups, that will give you an impression of the wide range of our assortment.

As wholesalers of electro-technical material we can provide you with any special products you may require besides the more than 4500 products from our own stock.
Do send us your inquiry and/or photos of the articles you require, and we will find the product you need. 

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Lamps general, led & energy lamps

Lamps in all it's diversity: general lamps, energysaving and led lamps,available in all possible voltages, wattages, shapes and dimensions; standard lamp, ball, candle, tubular, reflector, pygmee, indicationlamps, midgetflanged, midgetgrooved, wedgebased.


Lamps fluorescent, gas-discharge & halogen

Fluorescent, mercury, halogene, sodium, metalhalide, xenon special lamps


Lighting indoor, outdoor & accessoiries

Fixtures for fluorescent lamps, standard lamps, sodium and mercury lamps for indoor and outdoor applications. Lampholders, starters, ballasts, diffusers for replacement.



Flashlights, batteries, lead storage batteries

Torch flashlights, handlamps and head/helmet lights. Batteries alkaline, rechargeable, lithium, buttoncells in all sizes. Starting storage lead acid batteries standard and maintenance-free, also in AGM and gel suitable for air freight.



Cables, cable glands and accessoiries

Cables: to transfer electricity from one place to another we have general selection from our own stock such as Instalation wire, PVC, Rubber and Neoprene. Control cable YY and armoured CY. Marine cable, also in the armoured version.Heat resistant silicon cable, Heating cable.
Depending upon your situation we can supply the suitable cable as well as cable glands, mounting and connecting materials, cable shoes and accessoiries and tools required for instalation. 


Alarm equipment, pushbuttons, pilot light

Alarm equipment in sound and light with different waterproof indication. Pushbuttons and pilot light basic sets by Telemecanique from stock, we can provide the Telemecanique full range of parts as well as other brands as special items.  


Wiring materials plugs & receptacles

All products for getting Electricity transferred, connected and operating; plugs and receptacles, wall and flush mounting,indoor and outdoor. Japanse, American, European materials suitable for 110V and 220V. Ceeform products in synthetic resin and brass in the full scale of available voltages and Ingression Protection. 


Relays, contactors, timers, transformers, fuses, limit switches

Electrical control and protection components in it's widest range, and all products needed for setting up and maintaining your electrical setting.


Deck lights & Navigationlanterns

Deck Lights as in searchlights for halogen, sodium, metalhalide or mercury lamps. Deck mounted or cabin controlled. Navigation lantarns single or double for all seagoing vessels, with certificate.


Measuring equipment, tools

Measuring equipment tools such as multimeters, clamp-meters, insulationmeters and voltagetesters. Also panel built-in hourmeters, ammeters, voltmeters and frequencymeters in all variations. The essentials in electricians tools, cleaning products and insulation materials.


Explosionproof products

Explosion proof material with certificate, available from Zone O,1 and 2, in a variety of Temperature Class


Domestic equipment

A assortiment of basic domestic essentials, available in 50Hz or 60Hz where applicable.