With over a century’s worth of experience, we have proven to be your reliable wholesalers in marine and offshore electrotechnical products. We supply an extensive range of high end electrical parts for offshore and shipping companies. Having a detailed knowledge of our products, our clients and the global market in general, allows us to quickly and accurately fulfill our clients’ electrotechnical requirements and pro-actively render our services.

Building and maintaining a strong working relationship with both our clients and suppliers, is something we take pride in. Therefore, we set our standards at the highest level possible to deliver full custom made service.

We understand that time is of the essence. Especially in the competitive world of the shipping and offshore industry. Therefore, we have invested in a global network of manufacturers to guarantee the best possible solutions for our clients at any given time or place. From the Netherlands we service our world-wide customers. Our branch-office Kerger Marine Electric, Inc. in the USA facilitates clients in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Kerger, your reliable partner